12 + 1 Days of Christmas Tickets Now Available!

Your Thamesford Calithumpian Committee Presents:

2nd Annual 🎄 12 + 1 Days of Christmas 🎄

❄️ 12 + 1 Chances to WIN!
❄️ $2200 in PRIZES!
❄️ Limited Tickets Available @ $20 each!
❄️ Fundraising for your Community!

If interested see any one of you Calithumpian Committee members or Tickets are for sale at JC Graphics and Brunny’s!

2 thoughts on “12 + 1 Days of Christmas Tickets Now Available!”

  1. A friendly suggestion, The Calithumpian 12+ 1 Days of Christmas has come across my newsfeed. I was curious to know more about this event and what it entails. I think it would be beneficial to have an “About” “History of Calithumpian” “What is Calithumpian” on your webpage stating what, where, how this event came to be, and what it does. Just a thought..
    Unless it is on your site, and I couldn’t find it..

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you for the feedback! We have now added a brief About Calithumpian page which can be found here. Alternatively, I invite you to join our Facebook Page for more information and updates on everything Calithumpian related.- Cali Committee

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